I get eager but jittery but mostly eager as I watch Samantha’s bridal show. I must confess though, this babe, is not a huge fan of relationships and especially the vulnerability that comes with it, yikes, buuuut the wedding part makes me feel some type of way.

Weddings are such a divine and serene moment in one’s life. A day filled with immense love and emotion, do not even get me started on the walk down the aisle and seeing your man shed a tear or two. It marks the beginning of something new, a stage in one’s life, particularly the woman who gets tasked with the responsibility of starting a family and taking on the mummy and wife role. It also is a personal union that confirms and affirms the love that is shared between the two involved parties.

That said, I have planned and re-planned my mega day countless times; the colour themes, food, décor, venue, dress code, time EVERYTHING! It is such a powerful and private day that after watching endless episodes of Samantha’s bridal show we settled on one definite plan.

I choose to concentrate on the crowd that will be invited because trust me, you could have everything spic and span THEN the guests just flash the entire thing down. Hence it is quite important to pay attention to this little detail that I feel most get wrong. Without no doubt, the crowd needs to be small or big, but it should definitely be composed of people who share in the joy and satisfaction of finally getting the one and settling down, for better or for worse. Sounds easy but, a catch is, they should feel this way in the same intensity as you.

Gai, I have watched many where the wedding has a massive crowd. Most of the time, that is where things go south, you find some with paper bags, kwanza the green ones that have dates on them, {thank God for the ban on plastic bags} and you are left thinking WHHY!

Then you will spot a number in casual jeans, a t-shirt and dirty sneakers, or some rugged jeans and a funny looking top that comes nowhere close to the colour theme of the day (facepalm). Alafu now it gets worse when it is cake time and everyone is everywhere making noise while taking selfies or complaining how (uyo chef anawekea mtu chakula kidogo) heavy sigh. Not to mention the kids that are seen running around the cake (facepalm) screaming (KEKI KEKI) or harassing your cute baby nephews and when you look close enough, half of these minions are those from gate crushers who you barely even know. Then there are those, the crazy hogs going for second rounds when the gifts from the parents are being given out, the matrimonial bed and kiondos and whatnot which is a pretty special moment in the entire day.

What I am getting to is, guys generally misbehave when the wedding has nothing and means nothing to them. So here are my two cents, have a small manageable crowd composed of close, really and I mean really really close friends and family. I mean, this is a special day, a holiday for that matter, much more so, that which can never be relived. So, you just cannot afford to have it filled with mediocracy and guys randomly and nosily calling the servers for ‘FANTA ZINGINE MBILI’ when that special auntie is giving her speech. It is downright unacceptable!!

Sit and plan your day with all these in mind if you do not want these shenanigans on your big day. Be brutal and cut that guest list short till you remain with those who it means the world to as much as it does to you.Break the tradition guys, who said lazima you have those other relatives you barely even see or talk to as your guests. And who said a friend of your mum or cousin is a friend of yours by default? Choose those who will respect and share in the big moment with you. I am a self-proclaimed wedding junkie Who honestly feels that majority of the population in this country have zero knowledge on the protocol accorded to such functions. You can, however, save yourself by joining me and my fellow control freaks as we binge on these episodes and continue to gain insight on how to perfect our perfect day. I am no dead fish thus I refuse to go with the flow and so should you.

Do not give me those eyes!! It is never too early to plan ahead and, in any case, it is just another random post from this randomly awesome person with aw so random ideas. *sips water* make a date with me every Sunday at 6 pm on KTN and come see what I’m talking about. lol, the flipside is on Citizen at 6 pm.


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    Valentine muthoni

    Am in love with this aw so random idea…I totally agree that people don’t know who to have on the big day….it’s an amazing read Ann…

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    Very true ann…a NYC article

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    Very true ann…

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    Yaaay, someone finally said it. Nice

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    Nice article👍👍👍

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    Florence Wanjiru

    Awesome read

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