Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Sportpesa, Ronald Karauri akitoa hotuba baada ya kuondoa ufadhili wao


Wiki jana, jaji wa mahakama kuu ( High Court) Jaji John Mativo alifanya uamuzi si mchache ambapo kampuni ya uwekezaji nchini Sportpesa, ilipoteza kesi ya kupinga ada wanayotozwa na serikali. Sportpesa ilikuwa imelalamikia ada hiyo ya asilimia thelathini na tano (35%) ambayo wanadai ipo juu mno.

Kampuni hiyo sasa imetangaza kuondoa ufadhili wake kutoka kwa timu na mashirika kadha ya spoti. Sportpesa imekuwa ikifadhili klabu ya Gor Mahia na AFC Leopards, shirikisho la soka nchini (FKF), shirikisho la raga (KRU), Shirikisho la ndondi ( Boxing Association of Kenya) ,Ligi Kuu Nchini (KPL), klabu ya Nakuru All Stars ya ligi pana, na timu kadhaa za Super8.

Akizungumza tarehe mbili mwezi Januari, Mkurugenzi mkuu wa Sportpesa Ronald Karauri, alisema kuwa sasa ni jukumu la serikali kufadhili timu za humu nchini katika michezo yote. Karauri ambaye alionekana kusononeshwa na uamuzi wa mahakama, alisema kuwa imewabidi kuondoa ufadhili wao ili kukimu mahitaji kadha ya kampuni hiyo. Hata hivyo, Karauri amesema kuwa serikali inafaa kufikiria vyema suala hilo kwani wako tiyari kufanya mazungumzo.


Suala hilo limeibua mjadala mzito mitandaoni huku Wakenya wakitoa maoni mseto kuhusiana na uamuzi wa Sportpesa kutofadhili michezo humu nchini.


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Livingston Bosire

I think it’s a good move to propel the gvt into action


as for me ……..them withdrawing is a very good move …….the pocket hungry government is busy looking at sportpesas big progit margins and wanting to be partakers of the same whereas at the moment they are the main beneficiaries as sportpesa has been acting on behalf of the ministry of youths and sports in funding the youths who are ready ti keep themselves busy ………..
heri shari nusu kuliko shari nzima …..
mtaka yote. ….😎😎😎😎

Nelson Ogana

I better have my money been taken by sportpesa rather than have it in Wario nd group pockets ..The Government has shares in Saf nd Equity share holders are big people in the GOK So What Do You Expect? On other hand Sportpesa rose as an independent(private) entity to reach levels of Saf nd Equity so some mafia in Gk want to share those fruits in the name of tax…but that is #UHURUTONOMICS

Duncan Brian

As for me ..the government are the one oppressing the sport much as sportpesa is a betting company the government shouldn’t charge them high taxes coz they have sponsored a lot of teams ..foundations in the country..Wako tu sawa..wanalipishwa taxes mob bado wamesponsor mateam Kenya..

Dominic Kosgei

We have all seen sports like boxing which were dead until recently thanks to Spesa. Personally I think the gambling industry is so large n truth be told some companies never give back despite the huge profits. Sadly there is no way u can tax them differently.

Lova Muema

That is a private company they can do what ever they feel is best for their company. The government should be blamed for this…Sportpesa has done alot for the kenyan sports for several years actually we should thank them.
When you folow closely it is more than 35%… but there are bigger companies here like safaricom but they dont sponser any single team,, look at equity and other insurance companies they have done nothing. Gor players have been flying cautesy of sportpesa, they have sponsored the legue and also opened the kenyan footbal to laliga and epl..young talents had hope but now everything is shattered.

Baba Angel

In Kenya if you are found helping the needy ,you become an enemy of the big fish…sportpesa was just a private ready to help poor kenyans.the big fish saw it as a threat cos they like when we only sing their song.its political than financial….

Greg Adero

This is the time Nick Mwendwa should shout loudest

Pius Blessed Hazard

My take is simple,the govt. And the betting companies should agree to pay 35% tax off and 15% go to the govt and 20% to sports and talent nurturing.

Valentine Gesare

They are saving up to 600million by widrawing the sponsorship. The teams that were being sponsored were ‘High end’ for lack of a better word,they brought ‘glory’ to the country.When the government introduced tax they tremendously affected and the best way to get back was to stop supporting the teams.

Hope Kush

After the protracted electioneering period dwindled the economy. The usurpers of power had to find some way to fund the’ broke ‘government. And again,the appetite to scam the sportpesa money by swindlers led to its withdrawal.

Cde Ochola Kochola III

Before you compare the tax cut in other countries and the 35 % in Kenya, ask yourself the amount of commitment the government of those countries have for sports, the national budget takes care of the sports sector leaving the profit for the betting firms only, they don’t sponsor clubs there because huge companies like AIG does it.

Here in Kenya, the government does nothing for sports sector, national budget can’t cover the costs of running the national team leave alone the national league and the clubs therein.

The government can’t do half of what sportpesa has done for the sport sector in Kenya and that’s a fact, they have been doing all these using the excess profits that is now going to be taken by the government which will misappropriate the money and loot it through corruption.

Sportpesa is cutting the sponsorship to ensure that enough money is left for the company owners and running of the company after such a huge tax cut. IT’S BUSINESS not a charity organization.



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