Mr Mbeki said serious intellectual input is required for social-economic development of the continent.

He observed that universities must produce critical-thinking and knowledgeable youths to bring out a stable society and drive out political violence adding that his vision is to have guns silenced in the continent by the year 2020.

Mr Mbeki spoke at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Nyeri, after he was conferred with an honorary degree in humane letters, honoris causa.

Litimations on access

While affirming that African countries are on the right path of development, the retired President said there were limitations on access to resources, education, clean water and employment opportunities.

“We want educated Africans. Skilled people are needed and therefore quality education must be offered. Universities have a responsibility of assisting countries in achieving national development goals,” he added.

He noted that the continent must occupy an active place in economic and political development of the world.

Mr Mbeki further lauded the uprising in his country and called on governments to address grievances raised by protesters.

“The people are speaking out and they want destiny of their future. They will not stop demonstrating if their demands are not addressed because they have refused to stand for the wrong,” he said.

Source: Business Daily Africa

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