The Mount Kenya University students association officials were yesterday sworn in before the students and staff of MKU Nairobi campus, the officials who were elected on the 1st of February 2019 will act as a link between the administration and the students.

group philip adressing
MKUSA officials addressing the student during the inauguration ceremony from left; Philip Agumba CHAIRMAN, Martha Kabura VICE CHAIRPERSON, Achieng Martha GENERAL SEC, Abdiaziz Hassan SPORTS AND SOCIAL WELARE SEC and Lemaron William TREASURER/ ACADEMIC SEC photo courtesy of Yvonne Odhiambo
The officials were sworn in by the Advocate of the high court Wanjiru Kiniti, holding the Bible and Quran in their hands depending on their religion, they promised to obey the constitution of MKUSA. The officials are therefore mandated to lead the students to the right direction by influencing policies.
MKUSA CHAIRPERSON Philip Agumba receiving instructions from Advocate Wanjiru Kiniti photo courtesy of Yvonne Odhiambo
Speaking during the ceremony the Director of MKU Nairobi campus Charles Karuga urged the officials to visit the offices if they have any issues or ideas on how to improve the institution, he also asked them to practice unity of purpose by working as a team.

In his speech he condemned strikes saying that they interfere with the programs saying, “Activism, strikes, demonstrations, and hooliganism have no place in Mount Kenya University especially Nairobi Campus, take advantage of our open communication doors to bring any issues or discussion and dialogues, and where we are wrong we will see how to rectify that.”

TREASURER/ ACADEMIC SEC William Lemaron with Advocate Wanjiru KIniti photo courtesy of Yvonne Odhiambo
In their speeches, the officials led by Philip Agumba the chairman/ president and Martha kabura the vice chairperson assured students that they will fight for them and ensure that their needs are addressed, they also welcomed the students to chip in ideas to help them lead them accordingly, and promising to work hand in hand with the students and the administration and see to it that MKU accommodates the needs so all its students.


The elections were held on 1st of February where the leaders were elected in by the delegates who were elected by the students, the team of delegates from different departments was tasked to elect in leaders who will present the students needs to the administration.

In the chairman position Philip Agumba got the highest votes against his fiercest competitor Ahmed Bishar Aress.

Martha Kabura Gituto emerged the winner for the Vice chairperson position against Kering Jeptanui Emily who came in second and Syanda Lydia Wawia who took the third position.

VICE CHAIRPERSON Martha Kabura signing her certificate. photo courtesy of Yvonne Odhiambo
The general secretary position was taken by Acheing Martha who won unopposed, Lemaron William won the treasurer/ Academic secretary docket against Jacob Moegi while Abdiaziz Hassan emerged the winner beating George Maweu Ndatia and Sosten Ochieng for the Sports and social welfare secretary position.
abdiaziz kuran 4
SPORTS AND SOCIAL WELFARE SEC Abdiaziz Hassan being sworn in holding a Quran in his hand. photo courtesy of Yvonne Odhiambo
The students now have a team of five officials who will lead them for a period of one year according to the MKUSA constitution.

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