Technical University of Kenya students’ are set to go to the ballot box once again this year to vote for their next preferred student leaders.  The process will take place tomorrow the 14th February just one year since the last election. Even in wait for the election process the incidences of last year may still be unforgotten and most hope it will be different.

Last year, the process had run through smoothly until it was time for the presidential votes to be counted. The candidates’ team that belonged to Mark Oroko an aspiring presidential candidate had all secured a win and it was certain that he too would secure the position. Politics is termed as a dirty game and even at campus level games are played too. It was before the counting that goons came in and disrupted the process and destroyed the ballot boxes.

Four days later the presidential election was repeated and Mark Oroko defeated Paul Karanja with a vote. Mark Oroko became president but later suspended with other SATUK members for fighting against the fee policy implemented by the school. Brenda Jepkosgei, former deputy president became the president.

With only one week campaign, this year seems different apart from a few hinges between aspirants. The school has already adopted the new delegate system as required where only representatives (delegates) are allowed to vote. Other students are in charge of voting for their specific school representatives say ‘school of social and development studies’.

Some of the positions that will use delegates include; presidential (chairperson), secretary general, finance secretary and gender and social welfare. A debate had been held to remove the three delegates per department to 45 in the whole school so as to reduce power given to student leaders but it was in vain. It is hoped that the elections will be fair and each aspirant is ready for a win.

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