You know how some students are taking advantage of the lecturers’ strike not to attend classes… well some with genuine reasons like hustling while others well, playing FIFA and watching #GOT and Scandal in the rooms…

Well, some not so good news for the University of Nairobi students.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs Prof Henry Mutoro through an email made it clear that lectures were continuing despite some holdups due to the strike, and that no makeup classes will be offered to students who fail to attend lectures.

The Professor also commended the students who were attending the lectures and encouraged to maintain the same and certainly said that class attendance will be taken to curb those not attending.

Striking Staff

Lets be honest, a good number of students are sick and tired of this loooong holiday which they didn’t ask for, therefore, a good number are attending despite what Dr Wasonga said.

Reports from some departments especially the School of Engineering it was observed that some students were chased out of the labs by the striking staff on Monday.


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