Working from home can be snug. The endless distractions and the crippling laziness that comes with it makes it even worse. For most, it is not a choice rather a misfortune that has befallen us, especially after graduating ha-ha. It sure can leave you very frustrated with work piling up due to procrastination or hitting dead ends in creativity and things just do not seem to be working out. The constant yearning of an office space cripples the spirit even more and you find yourself dealing not only a pile of incomplete work but also one of frustration.

Being a new year, we all are looking to smash our goals and get that mullah and working from home should never pose as a challenge. So here are tips I swear by when it comes to getting work done.


Write write write and write more. Note down everything that needs to be done. As I have said before, this gives your day structure. You are always aware of what you need to do and even have the timelines, for example, two hours or an hour thirty minutes. This works miracles and ultimately builds up to a solid routine. Again being intentional with your time is the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself.

Know your working hours

Working from home has its benefits and one is that you get work done within your own timelines. Whether its in the wee hours of the night or early in the morning, pigeon or owl identify that and optimize on it. Schedule the very important tasks with deadlines in those time slots.

Ensure no distractions and most of all put a level of urgency to your work. These identified hours are your money makers, get things done.

Working space

Working from home does not doom you to your house. That is not the case, identify public libraries that have resources such as WI-FI and get your membership. Breaking the monotony of being stuck in that specific corner is quite important. This enables you to get creative and have the much needed social interaction. If not the library, during hours when the work being done does not require wifi, get your laptop charged and go to a park and get two hours in an open space filled with fresh air. This also opens doors o many more opportunities as it is a form of networking.

The point is not to spend the whole day at home. Get the optimal hours in, then get out to a new location and have your other half of the day. It is easy to get sad, lonely and mostly bored in the house. Do not let it get there.

Embrace remote working. By honing the balance between work and personal life right in the middle of your own personal life is more than awesome.


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    Lennox Kimtai

    Just what I needed!

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      You are most welcome Kimtai.
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      Remember to live it up today and now.

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