Hey peeps, new month huh?? I love Sundays, this past one was interesting. It was the 2nd of September and what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to sit your beastie through an agonizing hour and a half of a boring church play, then hitting pizza inn for a heavy cheat meal?? It’s honestly like a breath of fresh air.

Catching up, sharing mushene and secrets, goals even (sighs with big googly eyes) while getting a little validation. The little, ‘Girl your ass be popping, or ‘that hair I want,’ or ‘gai that top is amaze balls.’ Best feeling ever! Today we sneaked in a   1.5ml of soda from the supermarket into the eatery. Then tried to get tumblers lol. Backfired, the counter lady gave me a death stare and asked, ‘Mmenunua drink?’, said yes, wapi, pointed at the chicken inn spot. Wewe! I was told ‘enda uchukue apo. ’IMAGINE!!!

Did not want to get humiliated so I walked away as the counter was buzzed with customers. So we switched to our contingency plan, use the waiter. We called him and asked for extra soviets and tumblers, (wink wink) see what we did there. The dude was like ,Ona ile. Iyo ni cctv. Imeona secrets mkona drink yenye si ya huku,that said nafaa kuiconsificate!! The nerve right!!?

So tukacheza chini because again the ,Ona ile pointing was already attracting attention. Anyway long story short, few slices later, another dude came to clear our table and was kind enough to bring the tumblers. He probably noticed the unloved sweating bottle of coke weirdly towering on the table, untouched hahaha.

The play was not as bad come to think of it. We sort of laughed a little as I dozed eyes wide open. Okay let me come clean; this is me shamefully stalling a BACK TO SCHOOL/ FRESHAS HACKS article. You know with September being a back to school month and the extras.

I just cannot seem to get a proper into.  I am currently battling a nag intuition because I feel the article h article is big and juicy but only at the end. That is what we are suffering from.Buut I am figuring it out and hopefully we will be done in good time, like Friday maybe? Hahaha, do not judge, never judge just go skrrrr, kakakaka.

Sigh, the sun is back by the way .Wololo sema kuungua! The humid climate makes me sort of miss Nairobi, sort of!! Especially now that a good number of you tubers are all doing a Toi Market haul! I AM DYING TO GET ME SOME NICE MTUSH CLOTHES AS WELL. Off shoulders ninini, you know and some good jeans distressed ones!!I do not own a pair yet. Side note, imagine all of the mtush clothes in Kongowea are got from, wait for it………….Gikomba!!They get the luggage from there and transport it back to Mombasa yet the port is just here!!Outrageous right?

Anyhow, have yourself a fun packed month! Do something different. Wear that romper, groom that cool hair cut you saw that dude rock and thought mhh, looks nice. Do something out of the ordinary.Be spontaneous and surprise yourself. This is where I end my Banter. See you on Friday…

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