We are different hence we think and act differently in conformity with the situation at hand. There are the cool, calm and collected, those who have or seem to have shit figured out. They rarely panic or get dismayed when things do not necessarily go as planned. They always are armed and ready to move and make the best out of every situation. I call them BLESSED.

On the other hand, we have the crack heads. We concentrate a tonne on thoughts of what if shit actually goes south, always, subconsciously expecting the worst that when something great, something we’ve waited for, prayed and worked our tushes off for finally happens, we are stuck in a haze. Next thing panic kicks in and we end up messing that one thing that you can bet your sanity for that you are made for it up.

Yes, love, I am talking about the overthinking gang. We calculate so many what-ifs that we end up spending a sizeable amount of our 10,000 hours fucking shit up ourselves. We wallow in WORRY, DOUBT, FEAR, HOPELESSNESS all which are known destroyers and thieves of success. They are the brutal killers that leave you lifeless and desperate.

It’s a chaotic mixture of emotion and truth is these are our biggest PREDATORS. Calm down and breathe, so what if things do not work out as you had planned out?? Wait funny thing is we usually are kind of already prepared for this that when things work out to perfection something ticks! The ‘ Oh shit this s too good to good to be true, I am going to mess up, I think I’m not ready, What will guys think, maybe I am growing up too fast, wow did you say I will be on probation? Fuck I am not ready for this “organ starts to spill the heroine that makes you have all the above hallucinations.

So today loves, I want to share how to deal with this organ, with the specification of how to calm yourself to ensure zero screw-ups on that awesome job you nailed after brooding for a heavy minute or that hot ball of awesomeness that you have been crushing on and has finally caught wind and is looking your way, FINALLY!! LOL!!

My one tip is to go back to why you started the whole thing in the first place. If for instance it is a job that you finally nailed but the heroine is making you see all the ways you will chemsha, – chill and breathe. Go to that diary where you wrote down your dreams, goals, places you want to travel and anything you wrote anywhere or read for that matter that inspired you then when you had the sobriety of mind. {Yes if you are from the Wakanda land of overthinkers you probably have one of these diaries} tunajuana lol.

Read that and get your mind sober again.

Calm it down, see how guys drink water, milk or tonic to help with a bad hangy, yeees, find your milk or tonic and fix yourself chap chap. Look yourself in the mirror and tell that awesome self that YES! WE DID IT AND IT IS TIME TO SLAY. This is no time to curl up in your room spaced out thinking of the many ways you will probably screw things up.

We are better than this and I can tell you for sure that we deserve it!!Caroline Mutuko says, bluntly by the way, that she is not the best at what she does, kwanza radio and acknowledges the tens of thousands with mad talent than her. But that did not hold her back; she was aggressive and moved all the necessary mountains to create space for herself.

See guys do it, talented or not. They put themselves out there, learn what needs to be done, master their niche and run with it like crazy looking for ways to improve and be the best at what they do. People do it all the time and sadly turns out that overthinkers are one of the most talented, most hardworking and committed peeps with excellence in their DNA BUT because of FEAR, they barely achieve the minimum. It is the sad truth but we refuse to camp outside our SQs as we mourn the deaths of our unborn dreams.

Get your tonic, milk or whatever it is that will help you get out of that horrible feeling and flash it out. Listen to your favourite inspirational speaker, read your diary again and again, pray, go for a hike or swim just do something about it do it all. Do not let fear Rob you off your chance and shot maybe even your ONLY SHOT AT GREATNESS. Note that it is easier said than done. Is it easy, nope but is it worth it?

Most definitely.

You probably will feel the pressure to quit not once but a gazillion times and curl up watching Bob’s burgers all day but I can tell you for sure, it is worth it.

It is part of the process.??… Still figuring it out too. Again we are all different, our stories are different and let that not deter you from living yours in all caps lock.

It is time to shine dearies, kill the self-doubt and feed your courage. Stand your ground, look that fear in the face and say lol, would you look at that, you hit like a bitch and move along. Enough said, see you on the otheeeeer siiiiiiide, aye!!!!

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