In our twenties, half of our lives revolve around our hustle. Especially in today’s society where our social standing speaks millions even before we open our mouths. The pressure to get a job, move out and earn a sizable amount of cash is usually at its peak. Days seem long and nights even longer as youngins are in constant worry of not landing a job. Curriculums and resumes are emailed but no response, so you are stuck in the house for months. Or worst case scenario, you land an internship, no pay and it’s the third month in and no one is saying anything in the office.

So basically its either we are stuck in the house or in a none- paying job or a paying job with a crappy salary that can barely sustain you. Back to the drawing board and you find the bucket list written in all excitement during New Year’s. Travel! Vision board, Travel, move out, start own biashara you name it and in that split of a second, all seem so farfetched and all hope is lost.

It’s been three months and you are still crashing at your friend’s place or with mum. Things do not seem to quite move as fast as you envisioned them to. Worse so is having friends who have friends in high places and you are stuck there seeing as they thrive, month in and month out. New shoes, bags, hairstyles to die for and gadgets you can only dream of. You even contemplate ditching that group because it’s becoming too much.

These are all harsh and hard realities that some of us face in our early twenties and it is fine. It is called The Process. Trusting in yours is crucial because ask around, things get better.

A calm sea never made a skilled sailor

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Remember that double chin you went crazy about back in high school, where is now?? Actually, see the ten-year challenge?? Perfect example, you are in your own journey. Everyone is going through their own transitioning and comparing [yourself will just beat your spirit down. It is hard and frustrating to be broke or stuck in a whack job or not having work at all, it really is.

But everything changes with time, doors do open up and breakthroughs do materialize. It requires a lot of sacrifices, dedication and hard work. Giving that which you have in the present 100% focusing on the better days to come. Find ways of pulling yourself up every day, making sure you show up! Even when you have nothing to offer, show up!

Be messy complicated afraid and show up

These are times you need you desperately. No one is coming to save you, the harsh truth is that this life is 100% your responsibility.

Love on yourself daily. How??? By not comparing yourself with anyone. Live it up as it is right now, in good and in the bad. Find people to walk with, be it, friends, a sister-brother or mentor, just do not do it alone.

When you have reached your ultimate, take a breather, another one of my favourite quotes goes, “You are allowed 5 emotional minutes in a day then you gotta be gangsta.” Can’t afford, a fancy vacation, go to shags and recollect yourself. You are at the peak of your life, today not tomorrow.

It is a journey that can be filled with a lot of uncertainty, frustration and tough choices but we are breaking the norm. We are choosing to colour outside the box. It is okay not to have everything figured out yet. But as long as you are doing something right now, putting in the work and praying endlessly about it, things always look up. Might become repetitive even boring but the ball is in your court. Your life is what you make it.

Time to draw the curtains and let in some sunlight. Be viciously optimistic while still putting in the work.

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