Part 1

As a social scientist, we all always say, that politics stands at the centre stage of everything in society. The political goodwill is always responsible for the social and economic change, either positively or negatively in any state, organisation or institution. 

Universities are no exception in this case. The University of Nairobi Student Association election is expected to be conducted in April this year.

It is the second time union elections are conducted using the controversial UNIVERSITY AMENDMENT ACT 2016 otherwise known as Duale Bill. The first elections conducted under this new legislation was marred with cries of foul play and possible election fraud. This was the case not only in The University of Nairobi but also in other public universities.

With the elections scheduled for April this year, the formations are being established but of course in discrete ways to avoid any offence that may lead to disqualification. Within this season of establishing new alliances and formation, a series of betrayals are going to be witnessed as everyone wants to align himself or herself the alliance that will best suit their needs.

There are however some people who may seem to be interested in the seat but alas! They want to participate as contestants just to get fame. 

It is rumoured that the current Chair may also be interested in reelection. But what do we say as electorates? Only time will tell. Among those who have shown interest for the seat includes; 

  1. Samuel Ayoma
  2. Jomo Kithaku
  3. Maina Mwaura
  4. Owiti Owayo
  5. Agutu Mamba
  6. Hon Cosmas Wakoli Kipkorir
  7. Job Blaze

Edited and produced by; Peter Peter Kuzz

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