The WOSWA election season is here again, and nominations are set to begin on 10th May in preparation for the elections that will be conducted on the 24th of this month through a secret ballot. The following positions are available for contestantions; chairperson, secretary general, treasurer, organizing secretary, welfare and publicity secretary, sports secretary, academic secretary, People With Disability representative, campus, and hall representatives.

The Women Students’ Welfare Association (WOSWA) is a female students’ association based in the University of Nairobi. Its membership comprises all female students in the University of Nairobi and as such is the official mouthpiece and for its members. WOSWA’s mission is to bring out the best in every woman in the university and all over Kenya by educating, mentoring and through capacity building, to encourage every woman to realize that they play a major role in building the world and effecting change. WOSWA was established out of the realization that female students at the University were marginalized and had special problems that needed special attention. While being represented within the students union they sometimes require special attention the likes of which can only be addressed within a forum dealing with them specifically. Its principle objective is to ensure that the members live comfortably while on campus and get the best opportunities that will assure them a bright future beyond campus. It also focuses on creating intensive knowledge on personal health issues, improving living conditions in the halls of residence, enhancing the plight of female students as well as promoting the image and self esteem in a bid on their achievements, boost their courage in aiming for top positions in society and promoting a peaceful coexistence among the students. WOSWA aims at enlightening and empowering female students towards realization of the role of the educated women in the society today. Besides guarding the welfare of its members, WOSWA has been at the forefront in embracing social responsibility, which involves giving back to the community.

In an era where “Women Empowerment” has become a key agenda and an everyday expression, WOSWA has not been left behind. While it is in order to champion empowerment, we must also appreciate the fact that women empowerment revolves around key issues and factors that have been ignored for a long time hence slowing down the process.

A meeting was held with female executives of UNSA yesterday on the upcoming WOSWA Elections, in discussion was how to motivate the female students aspirants. Current UoN Chairlady Ms Mvurya has promised to publish 150 posters to every candidate contesting for the WOSWA executive positions.

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