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It is everyone’s dream to work in a place of their choice.  But the worst thing is of how students move from one organization to another looking for attachments or internships. But what really kills once moral is that you have gotten the position and promised to be called back only for you to wait […]

This morning an article found its way across one of my various timelines about how the shopping malls in Kenya are suffering from the brilliant writer indicating that this is because of reduced business due to the economy, it was yet another case of lazy journalism which has become the norm in the country. So, […]

I support the government by raising fuel taxes. In fact, they should raise it to 30%. They should raise electricity taxes, phone taxes, internet taxes, pay TV taxes, processed coffee taxes, and levy taxes on luxury items like expensive alcohol, pizza and burgers. How else would the stubborn middle class understand that it’s catastrophic to […]

On Saturday the 16% VAT on all petroleum products took effect and the effects have been widely witnessed or rather felt across the Nation, the Move which has resulted to a rise in price on petrol, diesel, and paraffin has been condemned strongly by Kenyans all over the country who feel that it has led […]

I have grown to enjoy matatu rides more and more for the past couple of months. Honestly speaking, I am most at peace then, completely immersed in the blaring music and buzz. With a demanding schedule, crazy deadlines and heaps of work to finish, one definitely needs an escape, to stay sane for sure. It […]

I’m convinced beyond any reproach that Governor Waititu, based on his much-publicised remarks on the ongoing demolition of the illegal buildings, is a philosopher whose ideology of how to handle the matter must be falsified and the veracity inherent in it, taken seriously. To understand this line of reasoning, a little explanation as to who […]

I envisage our generation going down in history and grave as the generation that never brought any significant social change in Kenya, even the world! In the late 1960s and 1990s students all over planet earth rose, stood for and fought for a variety of rights and freedoms and consequently liberated themselves from various forms […]

The intermittent and perpetual cases of grand if not mega corruptions in the Kenyan government such as the two NYS scandals, Health scandal, Maize scandal, Oil pipeline scandal, Kenya Power scandal just to mention a few and its seemingly failure to seal the loopholes that give leverage for scrupulous individuals to ‘’import” contraband/illicit and harmful […]

A number of students have raised complaints about being, outrageously, being denied access to the University premises. I personally see the administrations directive to bar them or deny them access to the university to be wrong and improper. Academic institutions, especially those of higher learning, ought/should create an enabling environment and opportunity to develop and […]

The Kenyan politics has taken a direction to vote Bribery and changing that might be a challenge unless a law is passed on the same. Kenyans have taken it as a necessity that for you to vie for any political seat you must give out cash during campaigns (The Gonya Syndrome) however a good leader you might […]

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