Former Meru University chairman to UoN comrades; you are makers of your own misfortunes.

Even if you cry more than the bereaved no body will come to your rescue since history defines your tears as crocodile tears.

The then respected UoN generals long lost the spirit and respect. They have turned into cheap bloggers for anyone who wants anything. Gone are the days when UoN generals will cough and the flu will be spread in a jet like speed to the government, opposition and all the universities world wide.

The rogue administration tested the depth of your waters with one foot some time back and discovered it’s shallowness ,today is raping you from both sides.

When SONU was rudely taken away, you did nothing.

When the first UNSA president was forced down your throats, you asked for water instead to aid in peristalsis.

The first female president has been forced on you, you are celebrating and dancing lame to part of her government just because one of the selected official is intoxicating you with lean handouts.

Do you think you will do anything next when Mbithi’s daughter will be forced on you as a president?

You have no umbilical cord to connect your words and actions.

Those in power have no ideas completely and the only claimed purpose of their head is to separate their ears.

The same system was introduced in Meru University some time back, we stood in one accord and said we shall clean the administration white from top to bottom and I remember having series of nocturnal and diurnal meetings with UoN generals in quest of strategies to achieve it. The rest is history.

History might not remember you so fondly if you continue appearing to do more than you do. You have the potential of a lion but your only claimed glory is to either misuse it or under use it.


By Wangila Wobomba

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