Having friends over is one of the cutest ways of spending time with loved ones. Be it, a partner, family a colleague maybe?? The chilled night ins, endless vulnerable conversations and just having them in your space is one of the very many ways of creating remarkable memories.

However as much as you are casual with them, there is usually the stress of being a good host. You most definitely want points for a great lasting impression. . So now, all over sudden, your home smells funny immediately you open the door, the pillowcase covers and even the paint on your wall get the,’mmmh sasa mnakaa aje?’ ….and in a split second, there and then, you decide to give it all up and get a new house lol.

In all seriousness though, having first-time sleepovers or sleepovers, in general, can be a bit daunting, at least for me. So what do you do? Ever been to someone’s house and swore never to be back. Or been to another and you cannot seem to stay away??

Hosting entails a lot. Getting it right should and ought to be a priority. So how do you go about it?? It’s pretty simple really. All you need is to get your guest feeling comfy, cosy and fun. How??

Bathroom essentials

Provide them. Get extra toothbrushes, a face towel, body towel and shower cap. These are crucial everyday must-haves. Have them in extras. Thrifting makes it super easy to stock up on both face and body towels.

Having your guest squeaky clean encourages a more relaxed atmosphere?? Yes atmosphere, cause now they do not worry about having bad breathe.


Have t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, tights pyjama trousers, a dress. Basically, anything that can be used to laze around and or be used as pyjamas. Again, Gikomba will come through big time. Stock up on three-four pairs.

These come in handy even when they come visiting not necessarily looking to stay over. Nothing completes a sleepover more than a big comfy t-shirt and a cute pair of shorts. And the socks!!

Pet peeves

Now everyone has got how they keep things in order. There’s a lot that can not stand a mess. I mean, a t-shirt on the floor will suffice as reason enough to get the cleaning hat on.

Even with that, tidying up after your guest can make them quite uncomfortable. It is easy to just jump in and get that bed made, hang the towel outside and fold up their clothes neat. As much as you want to, don’t.

Look away and let them be. Or, casually say in passing, Feel free to hang the wet towel or and undies outside. Simple. Cleaning after them while they are still there is a huge no no!


Sort your guest out. Full stop. If they want to split the bill, well and good. Otherwise, cover the costs. They are only there for kidogo time anyway.

The jack pin

lol, we are so used to having our way. There’s that mix you like, a song you just can’t get over or a podcast that if the volume is not at 100 form haikam. Know what I mean??

Yeees. Now with a guest, you need to let that go. Give them space to listen to whatever they want. On Netflix, let them select a movie. Its no time to binge on how to get away with murder or vloggers that only you are interested in.

I honestly feel like this is the one time you get to really know your person. It’s a way of pepping or completely getting immersed into their world right in the comfort of your home. Incredible right?

Be Easy

Well, the expectation usually is to have a fun packed, lively night in with your person. It never is like that. At least not all the time. They might just dive into their phones, laptops and get really engaged. It doesn’t mean they are bored, so don’t sweat it. Side hustles are a real bitch lol. Also, people are always on their gadgets, can’t blame them.

So yea, it can be all you imagined or silent but fulfilled night in. Their presence most of the time is all that matters.

That’s it. Simple and clear. There is no need to feel the pressure to impress. Be yourself and allow the vulnerability of letting them into your space.

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