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We all need that moment of the lone wolf in our lives. That moment to identify our own directions. When that moment comes, which it shall, we need to be bold and face it alone. This is the time we reflect and seek the answers to the question “Who am I?”. Living through someone other […]

Lying is so common that it has become a norm. We lie for the fun of it. We lie to create an unseen comfort. We lie to make our problems go away. We lie to feel good. This commandment “Thou shall not lie” in Leviticus 19:11 seem not to exist anymore. Have we for a […]

I have personally been in several cities around the world open to dating and meeting new people. What I can say is that Nairobi is definitely special. A friend of mine always used to happily dwell on the fact how resourceful this pulsing city is when it comes to good looking confident men. Agreed, but […]

β€œTo dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.” Bernard Edmonds Life has its upheavals, but the beauty of life […]

Science has it that HABITS are acquired while we are born with character. Habits come in virtues and vices. Habits can either hurt and destroy or heal and build life. β€œA habit is something you can do without thinking – which is why most of us have so many of them.” Frank A. Clark Though […]

To know your inner self – requires truth and hard work. It can be confusing and very demoralizing since you will have to be very open to ideas and change. Meeting the expectation of others, turning your back on values you believe in and giving up on principles you hold dear may seem as the […]

FEAR reinforces boredom, loneliness, anger and resistance to change. It places us in isolation; creates enmity amongst us and robs us of a brighter future. We become more defensive and build walls of protection. We become envious of successful people and begin to breed hatred in us. Excuses and blames becomes the norm making us […]

What is the most important part of communication? For most people, it seems as it is talking. And in a lot of cases, it is that the talking in itself is completely pointless. The best example is small talk. Here it is not so important what is said and if the said is true. Small […]

The Barrier that stifles many people of what they can really achieve is their thinking. The power of the mind can take you as far as you want to go or can limit you. The MIND is your greatest tool in fixing your life. Being optimistic about what you make your mind think, is the […]

The connection of pain and happiness is not coincidental, but a bridge of moving from one to the other. It’s amazing how these two feelings, have the ability to bring tears to us. This connection determines how strong and ready, we are, to decide when to move on or stay put. Learning positively from what […]

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