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One of my favourite rage topics (next to uber drivers and the lack of listening skills) is definitely punctuality. In private as well as in my professional life I do my very best to always be on time for meetings and dates. I am quite good at it – despite traffic and unforeseen circumstances – […]

University students are not eating well, are sleeping poorly and are not active enough and it has started showing in their health, according to a new report. A medical screening report of 323 students at a local university also shows many are spending too much time behind computers, mobile phones and TV screens. The results […]

You know that the employment landscape is undergoing fundamental upheavals, right? You appreciate that the advent of robotics and artificial intelligence is going to give automation a big push, I hope? You realise that some studies suggest nearly half of all today’s jobs could be lost to automation – yes? And that it won’t take […]

Belonging is one of the most important things for every person I have ever met and I would assume the same goes for all the billions of people I haven’t met. It is part of the human nature and is connected to beautiful concepts like family, friends, and home. Sadly, to find this place where […]

Social and cultural norms can be found everywhere on earth. They may differ from country to country but they are always there and often visible and openly communicated. Well, there are historical reasons those standards have grown and one good example, which you find in most countries is marriage. Marriage is originally meant to protect […]

“Just as candle cannot burn without fire, we cannot live without a spiritual life” Gautama Buddha The world is full of religions, either you’re born into one, geographically find yourself in one or you simply adopt one, you can be convinced equally to join one. Understanding man strong bond to religion is baffling. But should […]

We often presume or feel we are healthy due to absence of sickness and diseases. Good health relates to good positive feeling. Good health breeds positive aura of energy, mental strength, good lifestyle, feeling of love, harmony and happiness. The foundations of one’s happiness is down to health. It is the groundwork of happiness. When […]

As a man, we are endowed with so many gifts. Yet, balance is not one of them. You do not find balance, you create it. This essential ingredient to aid our daily life is something we need to handle with great care. It is a thin line and very fragile. Life is about balance. There […]

Man’s greatest lessons lie in suffering, grief, sorrow, sickness and any feeling of discomfort. The world is full of suffering. Without suffering there won’t progress. Our dreams, goals, aims, targets are all achieved after going through suffering. Success is never gained on a silver plater. Even maintaining an inheritance is a way of being out […]

Hip-hip artists are trying as much as possible to turn their clashes with fellow artists into positivity. Whoever emerges as a winner always capitalizes from it either by releasing more records which are related to the beef or creating a product out of the beef. They tend to use the engineers’ and software developers’ technique […]

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